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Vitamin C

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Multi Vitamin

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Super Food

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Weight Management

₹ 900/-

Stress Formula

₹ 849/-

Men Vitality

₹ 889/-

Immunity Booster

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Metabolism Support

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Joint Health

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Eye Health

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Respiratory Health

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Hi, just ordered your, Nutri Super food, Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and You guys are great. Thanks for the great products and You have a great line of products and I recommend your site to all my friends and colleagues.

SOWMYA, Bangalore

Since taking your products I have been able to stay alert through a full work day ,focused during night classes, and still have enough energy to enjoy time with my friends!, since I have been using your products I can tell the difference, Thank you, thank you, for your quality products.

Mounika, Hydrabad

Myself vishrudh. I am 37 now. I Have knee pain for past one year because of the continuous driving in the city traffic as part of my job. I took this product for just one month. It works and no pain in my knee now. I recommend this product for my mom and now one more bottle came because it was over . It really helps relieving the pain and strengthens her joints. Thanks Masang  for this effective product.

Vishrudh, Bangalore

Masang is not only a company I trust, but one I absolutely love to work with. They’re good, Ethical people and transparency is at the front line of their business. There are a ton of supplement companies out there, all promising the best product but the reality is that majority of supplements on the market are little more than overly processed placebos. Not only do I recommend products from Masang , I use them myself and give them to my family. They are a brand I feel good about recommending.

SHAGUN, Bangalore

The products (eye health) is affordable and costant deals and offers provided by the company are an added benefit. Good to improve overall visual performance. An awesome product overall. Very valuable supplement to care for aging eyes. I am very satisfied with this product and recommend it as it is reasonably priced

Sima, Bangalore

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